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Juiste maten voor social media headers

Er is een juiste maat voor alles. Ook voor social media. Social media accounts zien er beter uit als de header is aangepast aan de juiste settings. Wil je dat jouw accounts, of die van jouw bedrijf professioneel overkomen? Zorg dan dat alle headers op maat zijn ontworpen.

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Brand archetypes in content strategy

Picture this: a room full of marketing managers are discussing the launch of a new product. The have studied their demographics, they have the results of test panels and market research in their hands. They have formulated personas and thought up a bunch of preconceptions about who is going to buy this. And still they have no idea if their strategy will work. Why? Because a product doesn’t choose it’s customers. It’s the other way around. Lees verder

How to get noticed

What do you do, if you want to get more work as a creative professional? Your first priority is to get more attention, because people will simply not hire you, if you work goes unnoticed. There are so many ways to get attention and to tell your story. But this example will surely inspire you.

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