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Archetype The Innocent: free to be you and me

[stag_intro]Imagine a world where people are free to be who they are, a world where beauty isn’t manipulated, self-expression is limitless, a world where everyone can relax and truly enjoy life as they want to. This would be where The Innocent archetype wants to be. Some brands know exactly how to tap into this yearning. Watch and learn from a brand called Dove.[/stag_intro]Lees verder »Archetype The Innocent: free to be you and me

Brand archetypes in content strategy

Picture this: a room full of marketing managers are discussing the launch of a new product. The have studied their demographics, they have the results of test panels and market research in their hands. They have formulated personas and thought up a bunch of preconceptions about who is going to buy this. And still they have no idea if their strategy will work. Why? Because a product doesn’t choose it’s customers. It’s the other way around.Lees verder »Brand archetypes in content strategy