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About The Big Story

The Big Story is a boutique contentmarketing agency in Amsterdam. We believe that the most important thing in content marketing is valuable content. Our clients are A-brands and we help them with content marketing, storytelling, native advertising, social media, concept development en online marketing.


Our world is overrun with information and consumer trust is at a historic low. How do you get your story across as a brand. Louder, faster, more frequent? Nope. Consumers are not waiting for more information, they want relevancy and authenticity. Is your information providing this growing need?


The human brain processes brands the same way it processes people. Your content strategy has to focus on three basic questions: Who are you? What is your intention? And what do you have to tell? Did you know that every story on earth is told by using only 12 characters? These characters can be translated into an archetype for your brand.


Look at the way people perceive your brand. Now look at your objectives and combine this with your your customer insight. Then project this to your identity (brand archetype), your intention and your Big Story. Now you are half way to a decent content strategy.


There has never before been so many channels to choose from in communicating with the outside world. Yet companies find it harder to reach their desired audiences. So how do you solve this paradox?

The Big Story does just that. We provide answers to companies and guide them in the process of reconnecting to their audiences. How? By helping them to channel their stories, to help them reach a ‘Purposeful Positioning’, and strategically plan their communications.

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