Suits with a story

Suits with a story

Content allows brands to stand out, express themselves and give meaning to their doing. Video is a great way to tell a story, especially if you want to sell suits. Fashion brands are searching for new ways to make a difference. Now that the days of luxurious ads in glossy fashion magazines are numbered, brands turn to Youtube to earn viewers attention.

If you are in need of a new suit, why not buy one with a story? Video proved very successful in campaigns, like the first kiss video for fashion brand Wren and the video highlights of the annual runway show by Victoria Secret.

Graze on Greatness

M.J. Bale launched a great campaign in 2012. Being the official tailors to the Australian Cricket Team, they sourced wool from sheep that grassed on holy ground: famous Australian cricket pitches. The wool was used in the production of new line of suits, celebrating Austalia’s favourite sport.

Dutch lions

Dutch tailor Van Gils tells a similar story. As the official tailor to the Dutch football (soccer) team, Van Gils decided to sponsor a wild life sanctuary in Africa, where wild lions are cared for and protected. The lion is the official mascot of the Dutch football team and this video puts all this together nicely. Lion Whisperer Kevin Richardson, stylishly dressed in a Van Gils suit, takes on a bunch of wild lions and a ball.

Traveling with Casey

J. Crew hired popular Youtube filmmaker Casey Neistat to make a video about a new designed – and nice looking – suit. The comment Casey made on his Youtube channel explains it all: ‘I made this movie for J.Crew’s Ludlow Traveler (that’s the name of the suit) go to their website and buy it. Or buy something else.’